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Ashley Raines' newest album now available. 


King of Nothin’ is an aching, somber album, with its bones rooted in Folk but fleshed out with driving rhythms, cinematic strings, ambient textures and ominous guitar tones. Raines’ poetic lyricism is distilled from honest self-reflection and resignation. The introduction of piano, synthesizers and intricate drum beats is a departure from the acoustic Americana Blues sound of After the Bruising and One Trick Mule, but it doesn’t venture too far from the dark, lyrical landscapes Raines is known for. 


King of Nothin’ is beautiful and disorienting, with the viscosity of drifting through a philosophical dreamscape. A cohesive disorientation, evoking a mix of Bosch and Dali; classic in its lyricism and religious narratives coupled with the surrealist symbolism of time and memory.


Considering the current political landscape, these songs couldn’t be more timely. “Good Things Happen to Bad People,” “King of Nothin’” and “Until I Hear the Call” are classic dirges, timeless in their echoes of loss, struggle and salvation. 


King of Nothin' CD *Free t-shirt with purchase

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